Watch This Adorable Baby Struggle To Put A Boot On


A little baby attempting to put on a tiny green rain boot is the cutest thing you’ll watch today.


Who doesn’t love a viral baby video? There are thousands of videos of adorable babies online – parents can’t seem to get enough of sharing memories of their little ones with family and friends. Babies are so unpredictable; we never know what they’re thinking and what their next moves will be. We can’t quite understand what is going on in a child’s mind. They are constantly exploring, experimenting and making tons of mistakes – which can actually make for a great memory, so it’s no wonder parents always have their cameras ready.

Babies may watch their parents constantly and try and mimic how they interact and do certain things, such as eat and put on their clothes and shoes. While most children may copy their parents because in their cute and creative minds they believe what mom and dad are doing is right, the baby in this YouTube video is a little stubborn and wants to do things the hard way.

A mother recorded her baby boy attempting to put on a boot and the video was nothing less than perfect. No one wants to make life difficult, but it seems this little kid likes to challenge himself. In the short, 45-second video, this cute baby is trying really hard to get that little foot in that small boot. The outcome is not successful, but it is how he tries getting his tiny foot in the boot that is the most fun to watch.

With mom laughing and giggling in the background, the baby boy attempts to put on the boot with both hands on the ground, lifting the wrong foot to slide into the green boot. Constantly failing and even giving a little giggle, this baby boy is stubborn; he will never give up until he proves this is the right way to put on boots. He and other stubborn babies just want to be creative in doing the little things, so why not make putting on your shoes just a tiny bit harder?

So what if this baby doesn’t go by the book? He falls into a category of those people, and we know many, who decide to take the hard approach to life, swearing that they are going to prove to the world that their way is the right way. Thankfully, mom had the correct mindset to film her son struggling to put on his boot and share it with the world.  With the video nearing 80,000 views on YouTube, we might say we know a person just like this little baby boy. Hopefully, with persistence and tons of patience, this baby will one day master putting on his favorite rain boot and show the world that there is a new way of doing things.

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