Watch Jason Derulo and James Cordon Dance with Toddlers as Their Instructors


source: youtube

“Late Late Show” host James Cordon is back at it again with his latest skit– “Toddlerography.” In this three-minute segment, the host and song hit maker Jason Derulo show off their skills and push their talents to the limit as they take a dance class taught by toddlers. Dressed in comfortable clothing and headbands, the two celebrities get ready to mimic these toddlers’ every move. What may seem like an easy dance class, turns out to be more than both men can handle.

After their first stretches, Derulo and Cordon get right into it with young toddlers hopping around, doing semi-splits and break dancing moves, which both men mimic. The results are both hilarious and adorable as these toddlers show off their best dance moves. One kid in particular seems to be testing Derulo and Cordon’s skills by moving backwards and forwards while doing impressive spin moves. We can see just how dedicated Derulo is as he puts on a serious face, while Cordon does his best to keep up.

One small girl, dressed in pink gets both celebs spinning all around the floor and doesn’t feel bad for them one bit. She decides to teach them how to run back and forth from wall to wall and both men seem to be getting a bit overwhelmed. Cordon and Derulo need to keep up with these master dancers if they want to make the best of their lessons. These toddlers sure love spinning around and around, which seems to tire the two men out. One little boy in blue decides to get on the floor and spin all the way to the wall. Watch as Derulo and Cordon get dizzy keeping up with these adorable kids.

At the end of the dance lesson, Derulo agrees with Cordon that their class was anything but a walk in the park. “That was just as bad as you said,” the singer tells the host. So what do these two men do now after getting in a full workout? Eat of course. Sitting with their legs crossed under them, Derulo and Cordon eat applesauce with one of their little teachers.

With over one million views, Cordon’s “Toddlerography” skit is becoming a favorite among his fans. And Jason Derulo isn’t the only celebrity that partakes in the intense dance class. Cordon also takes actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Jenna Dewan Tatum to his toddler classes and has them showcase their best moves for the tiny tots. Keep watching the “Late Late Show” for more hilarious segments.

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