Watch Residents’ Reactions to Dunkin Donuts Burning Down


source: youtube

It’s sad when your favorite restaurant closes its doors. You might have grown up going to one special place near your home and, sadly, the place unexpectedly closed, leaving you lost and despairing. So what do you do now? You may try out a new shop, but it’ll never be the same. And as hard as you try, you can’t get used to it. For one town in Pennsylvania, the very sudden closing of a Dunkin Donuts upset many residents so much that their reactions were broadcast on the local television news program.

A Dunkin Donuts store in Shamokin, Pennsylvania, was closed after a 13-year-old girl started a fire in the women’s restroom on a Saturday night. With yellow tape surrounding the franchise location, WNEP-TV reported that the store was closed until further notice due to the extensive damage. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but many residents living in Shamokin were extremely heartbroken that their one and only Dunkin Donuts was closed.

One woman who was interviewed by a news broadcast said, “There’s a lot of people who will definitely miss it, no doubt about it.” It seemed that the Dunkin Donuts was a very popular hangout for the small community and they were upset about the fire. Shamokin police, who had been looking into the reasons for why the teenager set the bathroom on fire, explained that the young girl’s mother stated that she had been on “new medication.” However, her reasons for trying to burn down the Dunkin Donuts is unknown.

Many people who live in the town expressed their utter disbelief that the Dunkin Donuts was closed. Alba Wehr, a Shamokin resident, told the news that she may now have to rely on a Turkey Hill to get her morning coffee and, sadly, may have to purchase their donuts, which apparently don’t compare to the tasty treats from Dunkin Donuts. Another resident, Dutch Smith, had possibly the funniest reaction to the closing. Smith told the newscaster, “I go there every day. I get a chicken, bacon croissant, or I get some coffee, Powerade if I’m dehydrated. I sit there all the time. If I have any legal work I need to do I go there. I meet with my attorneys there.” Hopefully, Smith has found a new coffee shop where he can meet with his attorneys to strategize his legal issues.

But resident Edna Faust was terribly upset when she learned about the closing, adding that all her friends go to the coffee shop and get the “cold coffee” or “whatever it’s called.” We surely hope this Dunkin Donuts has reopened for these Shamokin residents.

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