Weird Life Hacks That Actually Work


Lifehacks: the little things that make our days easier. In this video, you’ll see Karina Garcia take you through some helpful (and, okay, maybe some not so helpful) shortcuts that allow you to think outside of the box.

The Scarlet Letter

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The first hack here is pretty straightforward (and awfully messy), but there’s no way you can say it doesn’t work. If you’re reading a book and can’t for the life of you find a bookmark to save your page, why earmark your spot like a chump when you have a loose packet of ketchup in your pocket? You can even highlight with it!

The Illusion



Then there’s this neat little trick. If you’re tired of looking at those dirty dishes in the sink, all you need to do is print out a picture of the bottom of a sink and rest it on top of your bowls and plates. Who cares if the printing and cutting probably take as long as just doing your dishes? Out of sight, out of mind.

The Super-Remote



Have a bunch of remotes you always lose track of?  Why trade them in for a single universal remote and let them go to waste when you can just bundle them all up with elastic bands. This trick puts all of your devices at your fingertips and looks like an elaborate piece of alien technology to boot!

A Square to Spare



If your bathroom is lacking a toilet paper dispenser, don’t fret. With this one step solution, all you need is a plastic hanger and a pair of scissors. One cut at the bottom and viola!

Bottle It Up



No need for instruction here, though this one is for petit feet only. Smash a plastic bottle down, and wedge your foot underneath the plastic seal for some recyclable sandals.

The Duct-Cup



We all know that duct tape is the solution to most simple problems. When in doubt, just throw some duct tape on it. Here’s a case where the video seems to get things wrong. With the cup slipping out the bottom, all you need to do is wrap one layer of tape underneath for a durable (and sticky) bottom that won’t let your cup fall out.

Puddin’ Away the Spoon



This hack has you using every part of a pudding cup’s packaging so you won’t have to waste (or wash) a perfectly good spoon. Just use the protective seal, curling it so that it picks up all that delicious pudding. It probably works better than those little wooden sticks that come with ice cream cups.

Making a Racket



No strainer in your kitchen? That’s no problem if you have a tennis racket on hand. Just pour your spaghetti over the racket’s wide base and dinner is…um…served.

The Phone-book



Whether you want to sneak in a game of Candy Crush during class, or just hide your phone from possible sneaks and thieves, carving a pocket in an unwanted book is a good—but as Karina finds, time consuming—crafting project.

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