This Woman’s Pizza Rant is Going Viral, and Anyone Who’s Given Over “Just a Bite” Will Understand Why


In our American culture, the most prudent individuals know to adhere to cultural mores when dealing with a woman. For those who need the cliff notes on maintaining healthy female interactions, follow these pertinent rules and you will avoid catching unnecessary hell from the fairer sex: never, never, ever, under any circumstances touch her man, her money, and/or her food.

In a recent popular Snapchat video that was shared on Twitter, De’ja Davis demonstrates the bad things that can happen when someone steals your food. She and her boyfriend, Dee Breezy, were chilling out at the local Pizza Boli. At least they were relaxing until Dee Breezy had the bright idea to mischievously film De’ja as she turns up after he pinches off a significant piece of her pizza. She had already asked him if he wanted anything, and he said no. He also failed to ask if it was okay with her to eat a bite of the pizza. Take a moment to shake your head at the travesty, the rudeness, and the utter disrespect of Dee Breezy’s food thievery.

It is one thing to decline food offerings from your girl, but it is completely shameful to commit the criminal act of stealing her grub, especially when girlie is hungry. This is the precarious scenario that Dee Breezy found himself in. And while he half-heartedly attempts to explain that he only purloined a small piece, De’ja, like the stoic Nero as he watched Rome burn, is unmoved.

Dee’s inability to understand the rules of decency causes two other patrons at the next table to engage in their heated discourse. Out of frustration, De’ja finally forfeits her slice to her beau after he requests it and resolves to buy herself another pizza. Dee is taken aback that she would take such extreme measures, and she dutifully enlightens him: “I do not want to share anything that I am digesting, so when I say get us something to drink, I mean you a drink and me a drink, not combined. I want my own s**t, I work hard for my money, and I want to eat good on my own and you can do the same.”

Their Snapchat video has been retweeted over 42,000 times on Twitter, and most people have shown solidarity with De’ja with the hashtag #IstandwithDeja. However, Dee has also racked up a few supporters who felt the amount he took was insignificant and did not warrant such a reaction from his lady.

While it remains to be seen if Dee has learned his food etiquette lesson, the couple remains strong, with De’ja declaring to Buzzfeed: “We play around a lot. These are the types of arguments we have. We argue over food and what movie we’re going to watch. But I was a little bit serious about putting your hands in my food. That’s just rude.” Whose side do you take in the food debacle, De’ja’s or Dee’s? Check out and then share the funny video:


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