‘World’s Loneliest Dog’ Gets Her Own Movie Role in Transformers 5


source: youtube

Freya the dog is a Staffordshire bull terrier that has been looking for a home for over six years. For some unknown reason, people who visit the Freshfields Animal Rescue in England pass by Freya, not even giving her a second glance. What is more heartbreaking is the number of people who have passed by Freya – a whopping 18,000. “She has been here many years now and is constantly overlooked, which breaks our hearts as we adore her,” Deputy Kennel Manager Kate Jones said, adding, “We do not understand why she has been overlooked for so long.” After this adorable pup’s story went viral, she’s been named the “World’s Loneliest Dog,” a title no dog wants or deserves.

Chances of getting adopted didn’t improve as Freya aged and developed epilepsy. Her condition requires daily medication and blood tests every three months, which could be one reason why people did not want to bring Freya home. However, Freya’s story gained a ton of attention from people on Facebook and other social media. Her title of “World’s Loneliest Dog” made thousands of people sad, but fortunately, Freya would soon be hanging out with friends in high places.

Hearing about Freya and her story, famous movie director Michael Bay, known for his Transformers movies, decided to cast her in the series’ fifth installment of the film franchise. Bay also promised to find the dog a home, even if it was his own. Bay tweeted that he got the idea to put Freya in the upcoming film, Transformers: The Last Knight when he read her story. It isn’t yet clear which role she’ll be playing or whether she’ll have to travel outside of the U.K. The film is scheduled for release on June 23, 2017.

With the help of Bay, things have continued looking up for Freya. Not only is she a movie star and has charmed her co-star Sir Anthony Hopkins, but she has also finally found a forever home. Two rescuers decided to take Freya into their home and care for her. Her adoption became official this past summer and Freya has loved her new life and family. If you want to continue to know what’s going on in Freya’s life and whether she’ll make her debut on the red carpet for the new film, you can follow her diary on Facebook.

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