You’ll Never Guess What Was In Her Ceiling When She Came Home!


Forget the camera, I would have grabbed a bat!

Picture this: It’s Saturday and you have a full day of errands to run. You clean the house (it smells of lemon pledge) and run to the bank and the grocery store.

Once you get home with some food, you notice that it’s oddly quiet. You look up at your flesh-colored plastic rubber ceiling (don’t ask) and there are paw prints walking toward you.

What do you do? Run?

No, you GRAB YOUR PHONE and press RECORD!

That’s exactly what this confused homeowner did. You won’t believe what popped out of her ceiling.

Her cat cut a hole in it big enough to squeeze through. When the camera panned the room, there was only that one hole. Nothing for the cat the walk on, or use as a stool. There was only one lonely, 2 foot cat stand on the opposite end of the room. Clearly the small cat stand wasn’t tall enough, so it made a way out of no way. You go Mittens. Way to be awesome!

Where’s the craziest place you’ve found one of your pets?

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